I want to tell you about my girlfriend, Amy.

Amy was my age, 27. Our birthdays are exactly two weeks apart, both in June, making us both Geminis. I didn’t even know what sign I was until I started dating Amy. She was really into astrology, yoga, tarot, and all kinds of new-age, hippie stuff.

I’m more of a preppy guy, myself. My name is Alex, and where Amy would wear a flowery sundress and bare feet, I would probably be in a polo shirt and loafers.

But back to Amy.

We met a few years ago, right after we had both graduated college. I was working in finance, and Amy was waiting tables and trying to make it as an artist. She was so talented. She made these beautiful watercolor paintings; they are hard to describe. They were magical worlds that Amy created in her head. They were intricate, unique, and beautiful, just like Amy.

That’s how I met Amy, actually, is through her art. I was on a blind first date with a woman who was a friend of a friend. We went to an art opening, which I figured would be a good first date because there is free champagne and if we had nothing in common at least, we would have the art to talk about.

The woman, I can’t even remember her name now, was nice enough, but we didn’t really hit it off. After about an hour, she took off, saying she needed to go to bed early, but that she’d call me. We both knew she wouldn’t, but it was okay.

I stuck around the studio to enjoy the champagne and the art a little longer. I was studying a particular piece, in hues of blues and greens, thinking it looked somehow familiar, but I couldn’t quite place it.

“It’s Audubon Park,” said a high, quiet voice just behind me.

I whipped around to see the owner of the voice, a petite, rail-thin woman with wispy blonde hair, like a baby’s. She also had giant, round blue eyes, and overall gave off an air of innocence and fragility. She wore a long, flowy skirt with little bits on mirrors on it and glittery green eyeshadow.

“I’m Amy,” she said, stretching out her arm for a handshake. “I’m the artist.”

And once she said it, I could see exactly why the piece was so familiar; I wouldn’t have been able to name it myself, but knowing it was Audubon Park, I could see the scene the way she saw it.

We started chatting a little bit, and I knew right away I wanted to see more of the world through this girl’s eyes. I got her number, and we went on a date later that week, and the rest was history. I was planning on proposing to her soon, and even already had the ring socked away where she would never think to look in the apartment we shared.

But Amy passed away suddenly.

This was about a year ago. Keep reading if you would like to know more about mine and Amy’s story.

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