Did you know that female alcoholism is completely different?

I learned a lot when I was going through the tough times with Amy. I never knew that alcoholism was different for women, but the lessons I’ve learned will be used to help someone else save the life of someone they love.

Amy never thought of herself as being an alcoholic, but I knew she could tell her habits had become bad. She drank by herself a lot and found it very difficult to concentrate on her work after she had been drinking all night. Her before-painting drinks simply turned into drinking constantly while making marks on the easel that never truly came together.

She could never seem to control her drinking at any point truly. Amy never got to get the help she needed, but I can share the knowledge about treatment, like AA meetings, that I gained after she left my world.

Is AA’s Message for Women?

Alcoholics Anonymous was founded to give alcoholics a safe place to discuss their alcoholism and make strides, with the support of others, towards living a sober lifestyle. They were founded over 80 years ago, but the message has not been adopted, and users are meant to admit their powerlessness to alcoholism. This can be a problem, since women have been told to take charge in life, yet AA upholds a message that conveys the complete opposite.

AA Has a History of Being a Men’s Club

AA was not always a friendly place for women – in fact, there have been several books tailored to men. In one book, there is a chapter stating that women are more likely to marry alcoholic men than to be alcoholic women themselves. The women that did engage in alcohol abuse were seen as promiscuous, and some of the early chapters did not allow women in their meetings.

Symptoms of Alcoholism in women

I had hoped to talk to Amy and convince her to see an alcohol counselor, but I never got the chance. However, there are symptoms that you may notice if you or a loved one is struggling with alcoholism.

  • The inability to stop drinking after it has begun
  • A physical desire to consume alcoholic beverages
  • Drinking upon waking up and before going to bed
  • Building up a tolerance to alcohol, causing drinking to increase

There are many other signs of alcohol abuse in women, but these are the core signs to recognize an addiction.

Women & Wine – Is It Bad?

Amy always had a glass of wine or some other drink before painting, but I began to wonder how much it affected her already? I even asked myself “What if we will have …a child? Can pregnant women drink wine? Will my pregnant Amy still drink wine?  Women can drink wine but building a habit can cause dependence to alcohol, and never know if pregnancy can stop it.

If you see that you or someone you love has increased the amount of alcoholic beverages consumed and shows signs of behavioral changes as well as health problems, speak with a professional in your are about getting help. You are not alone – there are others that can help break the cycle of addiction.