vicodin and alcohol

Many people will self-medicate to help with their addiction. That is why many people who abuse alcohol will also abuse pain-killers such as Vicodin. However, some people will use Valium to help relive their alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Valium is commonly used to help people who are addicted to alcohol. I have used Valium to try to help with my addiction, and this is how it worked. 


Being addicted to alcohol is not fun. It is something you should never aim to do. Alcohol and Vicodin were my downfalls. They had cost me a lot. The cost of alcoholism is way more than you would expect. It isn’t just the alcohol you pay for; you are also paying for it with your relationships. When you are an alcoholic, you lose your family, friends, and those who are closest to you. The only thing you care about is getting your hands on your next drink. 

Mixing alcohol and Vicodin is not something you should do. You may be asking what happens when you mix alcohol and Vicodin? Well, not the best thing. When you mix these two together, you are slowing down your CNS or central nervous system. Both items will slow down your nervous system, and that can be very dangerous. When you mix Vicodin and alcohol, you could cause your heart and lungs to simply stop working. Plus, the alcohol you are consuming will impair your judgment, which makes overdosing much easier. That is why I turned to Valium to help get off of alcohol. 

What is Valium?

Valium (diazepam) is most often used to treat anxiety and seizures. This includes seizures that relate to the withdrawal of alcohol. Many people will use this for muscle spasms as well. Before we go into too much detail, let me tell you a little about myself.

Using Valium for Alcohol Withdrawal 

These are human-made medications that fall under the Benzodiazepine class. There are many different types of Benzos. However, all of these drugs target the central nervous system. These medications can cause someone to be drowsy or sleepy. 

When you drink, you are impacting how the brain functions. This causes your brain to require itself. The longer you drink, the more severe this is. When you drink a lot, your brain becomes dependent on it to function. Without it, you could potentially face withdrawal symptoms. If someone who is dependent does not drink anymore, the brain is confused. This can cause extremely painful withdrawal symptoms. Valium will help reduce these symptoms. The symptoms Valium can help are 

● Tremors

● Seizures 

● Insomnia

● Irritability

● Pain

● Headaches 

● Chills 

● Anxiety 

The list goes on and on. Without Valium, leaving the life of addiction behind could have been so much harder. Using Valium eases the side effects and makes a hard journey just a little bit easier. Plus, with the monitoring of a health care professional, you do not risk becoming addicted to Valium when you are coming off the alcohol.